Thursday, July 15, 2010

A quick update from Spiez

I am sitting in the station in Spiez Switzerland, updating from the computer terminal here. I am traveling with this super fun and cool girl named Cassie to Venice today. Switzerland has been wonderful, I have really enjoyed my stay here. It has only been a few days and verz expensive, but also a lot of fun.

I have only 14 minutes left on this machine so I have to be quick in this post.

Yesterday I went paragliding in the Alps at a town called Interlaken. It was an amazing experience, and something I will remember for the rest of my life. My pilots name was Richi and he was this older and very nice guy who has been paragliding apparently for about 18 years. I asked him if he ever gets sick of it and he said no. The flight was onlz ten minutes or so, but it felt like it went on forever. I took a video that I will eventually post, once I can find a decent internet cafe in Europe.

Cassie and I also went swimming in the teal, minerally, cold water of lake Brienz. I got an epic sunburn on my shoulders and my back, which is slowly healing up, but it kind of feels like my skin is crackling at some points.

Swiss people are much more corgeal then people from Paris, although they do sometimes give you long, somewhat alienating stares, which is a little unnerving and odd to me. You can sit across from someone and stare at them and they just stare right back and do not flinch or talk or smile at you.

The mountains here are truly holy. Tall beyond tall. At Interlaken, a town near where Cassie and I were staying, you can see the Jungfrau, one of the tallest peaks in Switzerland. We meant to go up it today, but it was raining and so the weather is not exacrtlz permitting.

In Bern the last day, we went floating in the river through the middle of the city, which was also a rush. The current is really strong and so you need to be able to grip the areas where you can get out really well, otherwise you can get swept downstream into a dam.

People here really love the phrase "yaya". It`s something I can`t help but crack up at, because it often sounds really weird and ridiculous. There was one man on our train back to Brienz who said at one point "YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA" and Cassie and I were about seconds from losing our composure and bursting out laughing. Luckily we didn`t and it was fine.

There are a few other points I would like to update about, but I am losing time on this machine. So guten tag for now! Miss everyone and I hope you all are doing well!