Friday, July 2, 2010

London the day of awesome and not awesome things!

Yesterday was a very interesting day. It started out with me walking up and stumbling out of bed deciding what I wanted to do that day. After about a half hour of planning I decided to gi and check out a BigBus tour near Westminster bridge. I wandered there on foot from my place near Waterloo through some cute areas faking pictures and arrived there near noon. After a nice informative ride for a few minutes I stopped off at an attraction called The London Dungeon.

The attraction was a bit pricey around 20 pounds. But other then that annoyance was a lot of fun, very scary and informative. They talked about the bloodier history of London, including Sweeney Todd, the affect of the black plague, queen Mary, Jack the Ripper and a few other facts where picked up along the way.

While wandering in the first area I ran into a lively lady from Poland who was also traveling alone. We buddied up to keep each other company and then after the ride was over wandered through Jubilee Marketplace and into a local church.

In the marketplace Magdalena and I picked up some juice from a juice bar. You could opt to have shots of barley grass added to it, which I thought was weird, but also very fascinating. I got a kind if juice called a Zinger, it was fruit mixed with ginget root and barley grass. I actually really enjoyed it.

In the church I took a picture and was immediately grouched at by the gut running the place. Apparently I had to pay two pounds to take any photos, which I thought was ridiculous. Magdalena and I wandered inti the back area and in the floor littered about were a number of graves of different people. It felt strange and a little disrespectful to walk over them. In the sane church there wad a nook where a statue of William Shakespeare lounging on his side. The text read that I think he'd lived and worshipped at that church. In his right flhand which was closed into a loose fist were three fresh sticks if Rosemary, which I thought was a fitting and touching devotion to him.

Next Magdalena and I headed towards The Tower of London. But didn't get there in time to go in, so we headed to a small local shop and consumed sone fish and chips and a beer.

Her niece, Anya, who lives in London joined us as well, and above woman named Donna also joined us. Magnalena, Donna and I all had something in common, we are women traveling alone here. It wad wonderful to sit, chat and enjoy their company for an hour or two.

I returned back to my hostel though to find that the bed was changed and the things u had left on the bed itself wre gone! I ran downstairs in near panic to find that the booking system in the computer gas hiccuped and they apparently thought I had left. The cleaning guy had moved some of my stuff downstairs, thankfully, but my toiletry kit, towel and a few other bits and pieces were gone... I stayed positive though, laughing at the irony after having a period of time where I felt awful that this had happe
Ed after inly three days here. Luckily today I will head to a shop on Russels square to replace what was lost, I assumed thrown out.

I had a nice time talking with my hostel mates downstairs in the pub, laughing and talking about our experiences so far and our lives.

Today will be another fun adventure for sure.

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