Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photos and Videos from Suise-land

Switzerland was one of my favorite places to visit in Europe and one I definitely want to return to. Enjoy the photos and videos if you dare. I'm going to be putting the rest of my photos and videos up today or tomorrow, now that I'm finally over being sick, which I will also post about.


Interlaken and Brienz

I think this was taken on my way to Interlaken from Bern.

The great paragliding adventure! So yeah, if you didn't read before, I went paragliding in the Swiss alps and it was awesome. Here's some video from that and some very special photos with my pilot, Richi. Switzerland is beautiful.

Actual paragliding video with my actual real life camera that is real. Fun!

Richi taking video of us flying!

Landing, no that's no me, that would be magic if that was me and I was filming me from the ground. Magic has no place in Switzerland.

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  1. I believe there could be magic in Switzerland, the Apls would be where I would hide if I were a dragon or something... :-P Glad to see you had fun!